Suboxone Withdrawal

suboxone doctorsSuboxone is a powerful and strong medication prescribed to patients who are trying to get rid of dangerous opioid. Though this medication was prescribed initially to help and act beneficial, slowly it became a source of abuse for many. Suboxone acts as an opioid agonist as well as antagonist simultaneously. The agonist part causes addiction for many and provokes them to misuse this medicine as a harmful drug. Getting off Suboxone can be stressful as it requires determination and patience. The addiction to Suboxone can cause many side-effects during Suboxone withdrawal.


You might have a constant feeling of churning in your stomach and feel the urge to vomit. This feeling of nausea and vomiting can be one of your first symptom of Suboxone withdrawal.

Body Ache

Your muscle might feel cramped most of the time and you might get the feeling of staying indoors almost all the time. This cramp and body ache can be a sign of your body demanding Suboxone and not getting any.

Insomnia, Anxiety, & Depression

Your mental health gets magnificently affected during the withdrawal. You become sleep deprived and anxious most of the time. Your mind gets a hard time processing the fact that it is not getting Suboxone and the constant pain, torture, sadness can lead to depression.

Craving & Fever

Once your mind and body process that they aren’t getting any Suboxone anymore, they start to crave it. You get an undeniable urge to get back to Suboxone and the denial of it can also, in some severe cases, lead to chills and fever.

The mood swings, irritability, headaches, etc. are all a sign of Suboxone withdrawal. The minor symptoms of withdrawal can be seen as early as 3 days after the withdrawal whereas the severe symptoms can last up to months. If you feel your symptoms are getting worse with time and if you are wondering how to get off Suboxone without any major withdrawal effects, then enroll and join Norton Healthcare Center that provides best Suboxone doctors near you. Norton Healthcare believes in the holistic approach of treatment and hence is one of the best and leading Suboxone treatment center near you. For more details, visit the website today.

Problems Faced by Opioid Addicts

suboxone clinic near meEvery year millions of people are consuming and getting more entangled in the grip of the modern time’s most dangerous evil – Drugs. An opioid is a class of drugs that includes fatal and addictive drugs like Suboxone amongst others. One out of every 5 people is in a habit of consuming some sort of drugs or the other. Initially, the addiction feels exciting and tempting but soon it starts to rot your body, brain, and personality without letting you know. Before most of the people begin to realize this fact, addiction takes over.

Disadvantages of Addiction

Mental Harm

Harmful drugs and Opioid contains chemical components that disturb the functioning of the central nervous system. The CNS controls the function of the entire body and deterioration of the same can harm your mental health irrevocably.

Low Self Confidence

When people are on drugs, they feel an unexplained rush of excitement and ecstasy. This is because their body on reaction with the chemical components of the drugs releases hormones that make them feel happy in an unnatural way. When they get off these drugs, the body is not able to produce the same amount of hormones and hence they feel low, depressed, and under-confident all the time.


Any alien compound that makes the body function in an unnatural way is in some way or the other harmful for health. Opioid like Suboxone in high amount weakens the immunity system of the addicts, making them prone to harmful diseases and illness. Suboxone doctors all over, work hard to help these addicts get back to their natural healthy life.

Financial Issues

Suboxone is a prescribed Opioid that helps a lot of addicts to get off drugs and is used in many rehab clinics for treatment, but now it is being used as a form of the drug itself.  Any sort of drug costs you a lot and causes financial crisis gradually.

If you know someone who is going through this similar crisis or if you are facing these problems yourself and looking Suboxone doctors near you, then it is advisable that you don’t waste any other second of your precious life and find a rehab clinic near you like Norton Health Care Center, which is working hard and efficiently to remove the addiction of Suboxone from people holistically.

Live a healthy and happy life by opting Norton Healthcare

suboxone ma

Norton Healthcare is the leading addiction treatment center in Massachusetts who provides a wide range of addiction treatment to their patients at affordable price. And treatment for suboxone addiction is one of them. Generally, this drug is prescribed by renowned suboxone Doctors to provide relief from the unbearable pain but sometimes after getting discharge patients starts taking the drug on illegal basis. It affects the brain and our central nervous system. The medication is able to change the way that the brain perceives pain. Even though the numbers of people who struggle with it are limited, even people who take the medication under the supervision of professional suboxone doctor in ma may need suboxone treatment in Massachusetts.

Therapeutic relief…

Suboxone provides therapeutic relief to those who have opioid addictions; however, if taken with other more potent opioids, it may send the user into immediate withdrawal. This situation occurs because suboxone is not as effective as methadone, morphine, or heroin at activating the opioid receptors and, as a result, will effectively block the full agonist/receptor interaction of these other drugs, with the risk of precipitating a jarringly abrupt, and violently unpleasant opiate withdrawal.

Get relief from addiction…

Suboxone, also known as Buprenorphine, is used to ease opioid cravings and withdrawal symptoms.  In and of itself, Suboxone detox does not constitute treatment.  Treatment programs for individuals using this drug combine long-term care with behavioral therapy and counseling, as well as some form of dose-reduction or abstinence-based approach. So, if you want to get relief from this addiction habit then there are several such treatment centers in Massachusetts but Norton Healthcare is one of the best addiction treatment clinic who involve a professional team of suboxone treatment doctors in massachusetts. Therefore, instead of roaming here and there, get addiction medication at Norton Healthcare and live a healthy life.

Quit drug addiction by Opting Norton Healthcare


One of the major problems of today’s generation for a successful recovery is the physical response to drug withdrawal. No matter how strong your psychological commitment for getting clean might be, the overwhelming side effects of withdrawal can drive you back to use narcotic drugs like Subutex, oxycodone and Percocet. The generic drug buprenorphine, which is marketed under the brand names Subutex and Suboxone, can help you face the challenge of withdrawal and increase your chances of long-term recovery.

Increasing number of drug addicts in U.S…

Number of drug addicts is increasing day by day in U.S and the heroin addicts are on top in the list of drug consumption. To tackle this rising concern, government of U.S is taking necessary actions to stop the illegal consumption of drugs. There are several Heroin treatment Massachsetts that help in quitting this addiction habit.

Other drugs like Subutex…

There are several other drugs which are used for the purpose of providing relief from the unbearable pain such as Subutex. It should be used as part of a complete narcotic dependence treatment plan. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Subutex is an opioid (narcotic) partial agonist-antagonist. It works by binding to receptors in the brain and nervous system to help prevent withdrawal symptoms in someone who has stopped taking narcotics ( heroin, and oxycodone)

Subutex as a medicine…

Subutex doctors ma use this drug whenever the patient has to be treated through medicines for opiate addiction. During the initial stage of Detoxification in the treatment process when the patient goes into withdrawal, Subutex treatment doctors helps in coping up with the cravings for opiates and assists during the painful withdrawal stage. As it is mentioned in the above lines that buprenorphine is marketed under the brand name suboxone and subutex. At Norton healthcare, we provide treatment under the supervision of professional suboxone doctors so, that a patient can lead towards a healthy life.

If you want to live a healthy and happy life then it is must that first a person should leave the habit of drug consumption and for that Norton Healthcare is the best Subutex treatment center that will help you in speedy recovery.

Is It Time For Treatment For Suboxone Addiction?

Treatement for suboxone addiction

When to know, whether it is time to get treatment for Suboxone addiction? Are you or your near and dear ones showing symptoms such as continuous lightheadedness, constipation, headaches, dry mouth, confused state of mind, tiny or contracted pupils, vomiting, sleepiness, slow breathing and sweating then there is a possibility that the person is suffering from Suboxone addiction.

However, these symptoms are common and can be due to other problems as well. So, in order to be sure of it you check for finer points such as..

  1. Treatment for Suboxone addiction is required when the person has developed a dependency on the drug, it can be both psychological and physical, i.e. if and when they will not consume the drug, they will go start showing withdrawal symptoms.
  2. Continuous cravings for Suboxone in the person, i.e. the addict will have continuous cravings for the drug and will do anything to get more and more of the same.
  3. Mood swings and behavioral changes. During the initial stages of addiction these changes will not be very visible, however, gradually the addict will start behaving oddly i.e. they are easily agitated, anxious or are even hostile at times.
  4. The most important sign is they will develop tolerance for the Suboxone.

In Norton Health Care Suboxone doctors provides highly effective Suboxone Detox Treatment in ma at all its addiction treatment centers across Massachusetts and various other locations. Norton Health Care is one of the leading opiate or drug addiction treatment center located at various locations such as that of Massachusetts, Boston, New Bedford, Cambridge & Taunton.

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