Get lifetime relief from drug addiction

Heroin addiction treatment at Norton Health Care is conducted in a complete an equivocal OBOT (Office Based Opiate Treatment) centre. There are varied treatments for Heroin addiction, one being pharmacological treatment and the other being behavioural treatment. The first stage of the treatment is detoxification wherein the patient is prescribed to detox his body from the drugs. We make sure that the patient is not only treated from addiction but is also counselled to feel motivated to not do drugs in future.

It may be a very regular opiate or Heroin addiction but at Norton, our specialists treat each patient with utter care and responsibility. A unique treatment plan is organized for each patient as per his or her condition. We make sure that our Buprenorphine addiction treatment not just treats them off the addiction but helps them gain their self confidence back. In such a situation, it is very important for the family and friends of the patients to show their support, love and care to them.

Apart from treatment from Buprenorphine and Heroin addiction, we also provide treatment for Percocet addiction. For this treatment, both inpatient and outpatient facilities are made available. The Percocet treatment is agreed upon based on the level of addiction of the patient. Since it results in high withdrawal conditions, therefore, this treatment is done under professional guidance.

At Norton, we make sure we have the best Suboxone Ma doctors on board with us so as to make the patients feel welcome and well cared for at our Suboxone treatment centres. Suboxone treatment has various benefits over other treatments when it comes to suppressing withdrawal conditions in a patient. You should visit us today if you are suffering too!

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