Break free from the clutches of Heroin with OpiateCare


It’s hard to believe that a dangerous drug like heroin was being marketed in the mid-1800 as a one stop remedy for all kinds of body pains and aches. But as always, the realisation came late regarding the addictive affects of heroin and was subsequently banned in the year 1920. But that was too late. Heroin had already captured a market with almost 200,000 users reported at the time. Heroin saw a popular demand in the 1960’s; and since then medicine men and governments alike have worked hand in hand to control the use and abuse of the drug. Further measures to rehabilitate the patients who wanted to quit the drug were taken and that is when Methadone was invented. Methadone was introduced as a drug that heroin users can take in order to fight the withdrawal symptoms that generally plague a person who wants to quit.

But after three decades of Methadone prescriptions, a bigger problem came into the limelight; the abuse of Methadone. So in the year 2000, a new drug called buprenorphine was introduced into the de-addiction treatment process. This drug has properties due to which it can never be abused and is non-addictive. Buprenorphine addiction treatment is the preferred way to break free of the clutches of heroin and is administered by certified buprenorphine doctors at OpiateCare addiction treatment centres. Book an appointment today if you or a family member is suffering from the debilitating effects of heroin.

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